<(°-°<) IHC 2018 Badge is a Nokia 3310 with a twist! (>°-°)>

Get your time machines ready, with the IHC badge you can travel back in time and have a handy dual core @240MHz, fully open source device with WiFi and BLE hidden inconspicuously in a Nokia 3310 shell!

Check out the hardware schematics in this repository – firmware will be added soon.


  • ESP32 MCU [240MHz dual core, WiFi, BLE, 4MB flash, 520kB SRAM [PDF Datasheet]
  • STM32F103 for hardware management and USB-serial function
  • USB
  • Expansion connector
  • 16 keys keyboard + power button
  • 84×48 monochrome LCD
  • Vibration motor
  • Ringtone speaker
  • Blue backlight
  • 1000mAh Battery + Charger
  • Space for a LoRa module

Hardware by MastroGippo, based on this

Programmed by Uninstall, Bino, Carlomara


Per l’acquisto del badge puoi andare a questo indirizzo ~ Se hai già fatto un ordine (biglietto di ingresso, felpa, t-shirt, etc etc) fai un nuovo ordine con solo il badge 🙂